crime_scene_by_aktn-d37078cPart 7 of our series about crime fiction blogs you don’t want to miss is now live. Check them out and find new reading sources.

The Left Room
This is the blog by Leeds author Steve Mosby, whose latest novel, The Nightmare Place, we featured recently. The blog features some great insight and opinions on the politics of writing crime fiction.

Guilty Conscience
A blog by Liverpool-based crime author Luca Veste.  A very personal and engaging view into the life of a crime writer, who still perhaps can’t quite believe  that he has such a cool line of work.  He’s just been signed by Simon and Schuster, so things are looking up even more.  He’s earned it!

The Venetian Vase
Something a bit special, this.  How many bloggers are knowledgeable enough to write a post about Eurosceptic crime fiction?  I give you Steve Powell and Chris Routledge. Fiction blogging with a wider world view and a critical perspective.

Killer Covers
Yay! I could spend all day on this wonderful site, which brings together all the shlockiest and yet coolest retro thriller covers you’ve ever seen.  Even their site banner (by Rob Kelly) oozes cool.  Feast your eyes, shweethearts.

Do Some Damage
I can’t put it better than they put it themselves, so here goes: “DSD is a group of crime writers, each with a different voice and something to say. From grizzled vets to grizzly rooks, they pull back the curtain on the way the industry works.”