crime_scene_by_aktn-d37078cPart 8 of our series about crime fiction blogs you don’t want to miss is now live. Check them out and find new reading sources.

A Thrill A Week
An interesting blog by Cornell scientist, New Yorker and Westie lover Vicky Simon, who specialises – perhaps as you might expect – in forensic, medical and techno thriller series.  Lots of juicy, straight-talking reviews to get your scalpels into.

Life of
Lovely reviews from a voracious and passionate reader. It shows – when talking about the new Janet Evanovich, Jo says “Reading a new [Stephanie] Plum is like finding an old pair of jeans that you thought you’d lost, slipping them on and discovering a £5 note hidden in one of the pockets.  Brilliant!

Crime Scraps Review
News, reviews and thoughts about crime fiction by Norman Price, a man with NOIR written through him like a stick of rock. Tremendous.

Crime Watch
This is a site mainly dedicated to crime fiction by New Zealand authors.  Who knew there were so many? Queen of them all was obviously Ngaio Marsh, but see also Norman Berrow, Freda Bream, Elizabeth Messenger and Colin D Peel and many more.  A full list awaits….

Jungle Red Writers
Billed as ‘seven smart and sassy crime fiction writers dish on writing and life’, the site’s emblazoned with scarlet nail polish instead of blood. All the contributors are published authors and there’s a really entertaining magazine feel about the site.