crime_scene_by_aktn-d37078cPart 9 of our series about crime fiction blogs you don’t want to miss is now live. Check them out and find new reading sources.

Shots: Crime and Thriller e-zine
A great line-up of guest bloggers present posts that cut across crime fiction in all its forms, from events and awards to social and political significance.

A well-established and unpretentious blog, packed with news and reviews of antipodean crime. For a land that’s so full of sunshine, there’s still plenty of noir to go around.

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel
This is a really charming site by a man who loves a good book and puzzle, and is happiest when the two are cleverly combined. The modern trend for female dismemberment and introspective gloom is often relieved by a lovely classic ‘somebody in this room….’ type mystery. Try one!

Tipping My Fedora
A splendid blog by Sergio, whose Top 100 Mystery Books page is as fine a reading list as I’ve ever seen, taking in William Faulkner, via Wilkie Collins and Lionel Shriver. Clearly a man of taste. There’s even a Sapphire and Steel section (ask your mum).

Tea Time with Marce
Ahhh, a pot of Earl Grey, a home in Bermuda and blood dripping from the verandah. There’s more than one form of escapism. Put the kettle on, Marce.