Interview with Glen Erik Hamilton, author of ‘Hard Cold Winter’

Thriller Books Journal is pleased to host Glen Erik Hamilton, author of ‘Hard Cold Winter’, another intense, fast-paced thriller featuring unconventional hero Van Shaw. : Hello Glen, nice to meet you and thank you for joining us. Let’s start with some background: was writing fiction your first professional calling, and if not, how and when ...
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New Releases

Hard Cold Winter – Glen Erik Hamilton

‘Hard Cold Winter’ is Glen Erik Hamilton’s second crime novel set in Seattle and featuring former US Army Ranger Van Shaw. It’s never easy to follow up a good first novel, and Hamilton has succeeded both in writing a captivating story and in establishing Van Shaw as a remarkable character, a highly original presence in ...
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Past Crimes – Glen Erik Hamilton

‘Past Crimes’ by Glen Erik Hamilton is another fine crime novel in which the police forces don’t take centre stage investigating and solving a crime. You could call it a new trend, were it not for the fact that ‘amateur’ sleuths were very much the protagonists in the earliest days of modern crime fiction, from Conan ...
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