Trouble In Mind - Jeffery Deaver: thriller short storiesIf you don’t like electrifying fiction, packed with sinister twists and turns, then don’t read this – in fact, you should just step away from this website. There’s nothing to see here.

The master is back!  Trouble In Mind by Jeffery Deaver, is the third volume of his collected short stories (the first two being Twisted and More Twisted).

A devoted housekeeper embarks on a quest to find the truth behind her employer’s murder. A washed-up Hollywood actor gets one last, high-stakes chance to revive his career. A man makes an impulsive visit to his hometown, and learns more about his past than he bargained for. Two Olympic track hopefuls receive terrorist threats. And the series character we all love – Lincoln Rhyme, Kathryn Dance, and John Pellam – return in stories now in print for the first time.

Jeffery Deaver wrote his first book when he was 11 and he’s been writing articles, novels, songs and poetry ever since. Trained as a journalist and later a lawyer, he started work on his signature thrillers to pass the time during a long commute to work as a Wall Street attorney. Thirty-two heart-stopping novels later, Deaver is quite simply a legend. Winner of multiple prestigious awards, his work has been translated into 35 languages and taken up residence on bestseller lists all over the world.  His work has also been adapted for Hollywood, most notably with The Bone Collector, starring Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme.  The next Lincoln Rhyme novel – The Skin Collector – is due for release in May 2014.

The Trouble in Mind collection should keep fans of cunning psychological twists happy until then.  As the man himself says: “What you see isn’t, I hope, what you think you’re seeing.”