Twisted - Lynda La PlanteYour teenage daughter, supposedly at a sleepover at a friend’s house doesn’t come home. Then it turns out she wasn’t where she was supposed to be at all.  Every parent’s worst nightmare is explored in Twisted, the new gripper from Lynda La Plante.

Marcus and Lena Fulford are wealthy, attractive and successful: their strikingly beautiful teenage daughter Amy, seems settled and content. Financial pressures and keeping up appearances are taking their toll on an already strained relationship, however and divorce proceedings soon follow. It’s an understandable communication breakdown between a warring couple living apart that means they don’t realise Amy is missing. Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning pass before Lena tries to get in touch. Then school reports her missing and it’s clear something’s not right.  Not right at all. DI Victor Reid fears the worst.

A family under constant police and press scrutiny, a father who seems to have a false alibi, a mother whose world is crumbling, a detective under pressure from his superiors… all conspire to create a pressure cooker of a novel.  And all the while, where is Amy? Lies and betrayal mount as the hunt for a missing girl becomes a search for a body…

Former Shakespearean actor Lynda La Plante CBE is a huge figure on the British thriller scene, best known for her television screenplays. She was the creator of the multi-award winning Prime Suspect, still one of the absolute best and most widely praised portrayals of a female detective in a man’s world.

Lynda is an honorary member of the British Film Institute and winner of the highly prestigious BAFTA Dennis Potter Writers Award. In 2013 she became the first non-scientist to be awarded an Honorary Fellowship with the Forensic Science Society. Its members praise the accuracy of her portrayal of forensic science in her work.

Twisted – Lynda La Plante

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