Linsey Parkinson

My name is Linsey and I love crime fiction. The rebel in me likes to see rules broken, and the mother in me feels a need to see order restored - perhaps it’s a Freudian thing. I love the dark introspection of Scandinavian crime fiction; the beauty and cruelty of the Italian giallo and a nice big slice of US hard-boiled psychological thriller. As soon as I decide where I’m going on holiday, I’ll find a fictional detective who lives there – yes, I want to see the sites, but I also want to read the underbelly. That’s what’s so great about crime fiction. I’m a freelance writer, based in Manchester England; a city with a few crime writers of its own. If you’re planning a holiday here, look up Cath Staincliffe, Val McDermid, Chris Simms, Bill Rogers and others. And if you need a writer, take a look at my website – but I’m not showing you my underbelly.

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