Our series keeps going on and today we’re adding to the list five more crime fiction blogs we enjoy reading and you may as well. Be sure to visit them!

The Rap Sheet
An award-winning reference point for what’s new and interesting in crime fiction, edited and written, for the most part, by J. Kingston Pierce.

Mean Streets
A crime fiction news and review blog presented by the Writers’ Workshop. As you might expect, it’s intelligent, insightful and elegantly stated.

Crime Always Pays
Largely self-promotion by Irish author Declan Burke, but that’s fine. I include it here because it’s interesting, funny, self-deprecating and full of charm – not to mention some tip-top interviewees.

The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs
It’s a shame this blog hasn’t been updated in a while, as it includes some great posts with insight into crimewriting. My favourite is the Top Ten Rules of Murder Mysteries. Get out there and break them all!

True Crime Zine
I know from my days working in libraries that true crime is hugely popular, though I personally prefer a generous padding of fiction with mine. This is a comprehensive site that looks at books, movie and more in the genre.