Watch Me - James CarolCrime investigators fit into a number of types: police detectives, amateur sleuths, private eyes, hapless bystanders, forensic investigators, and, more recently – and I would say more interestingly – criminal profilers. Enter Jefferson Winter, in Watch Me by James Carol.

There’s a great opportunity for blurring of lines in the profiler’s role: they have to get right inside the head of a killer, then work their way out to find their suspect. It can’t all be learned from psychology textbooks – fictional profilers often have dark sides and personal conflicts of their own. Who isn’t fascinated by Val McDermid’s Tony Hill, or by Thomas Harris’s Will Graham? What makes Jefferson Winter a little different is that his father was a serial killer. It may well be that his inner darkness is genetic…
This is the second outing for Winter, ex-FBI profiler, who travels the world tracking down serial criminals. He’s a genius in his field with an unrivalled insight. This time, he’s in Louisiana, where a killer stalks the streets of Eagle Creek. But in a town where secrets are rife and history has a way of repeating itself, can Winter solve the case before anyone else dies?
Chicago-born James Carol lives in Hertfordshire, England. His first Jefferson Winter novel was the critically acclaimed Broken Dolls (2014), which prompted official British National Treasure and Official Tweeter-in-Chief Steven Fry to say: “Broken Dolls has it all. Horrifying evil, a brilliant, conflicted profiler and cracking pace and tension. I read it in what seemed like two trembling gulps.”
Look out for the e-novella, Presumed Guilty (2014), which introduces Winter and his mentor, Yoko Tanaka during their time at the FBI. I think we have a great series in the making here.

Watch Me – James Carol

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