lawlessThey say that revenge is a dish best served cold and Lawless, the latest from Jessie Keane, isn’t short of its share of chills. Two powerful families square up to each other in a thriller that doesn’t pull its punches. Lawless is the sequel to Nameless, which saw Ruby Darke running the family shop while her brothers were caught up in gangland crime in London. She built the shop into a lucrative retail empire, but at huge personal cost. The second chapter of her story opens in 1975, when her lover, Michael Ward, has been brutally murdered. Ruby struggles to hold her life and her business together, while her twins, Daisy and Kit have struggles and problems of their own.

The Danieri family, the Darkes’ sworn enemies, seem to be holding the smoking gun, and after Kit takes bloody revenge on Tito Danieri, he starts to wonder if he really did get the right man. Now though, an epic feud has begun and no-one will be spared. Can the Darke family resolve its own conflicts and find Michael Ward’s true killer before it’s too late? This is gritty stuff, and as Glamour Magazine says, it’s territory for fans of Martina Cole and Lynda La Plante. Hard men and often even harder women run manors where money, violence and power speak louder than anything else.

Jessie Keane is a British author, who is perhaps best known for her Annie Carter series: a formidable anti-heroine who has built an edgy and dangerous life for herself in gangland London. The series includes Dirty Game (2008), Black Widow (2009), Scarlett Women (2010), Playing Dead (2011) and Ruthless (2013). She’s led a picaresque riches-to-rags life, but has now found her niche as a highly popular crime writer.

Lawless – Jessie Keane

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