The Last Town - Blake CrouchIf you haven’t heard of The Last Town by Blake Crouch yet, you soon will. This is the third installment in the tense and gripping Wayward Pines Trilogy, soon to become a primetime Fox TV show starring Matt Dillon and Juliette Lewis. It’s in production and should hit our screens in Winter 2015. I reckon books are usually better than TV, so you’ve plenty of time to read it before it premieres.

The remote town of Wayward Pines is not quite what it seems. People are told who to marry, where to live, where to work. Questions are not appreciated and can even get you killed. The children are taught to revere David Pilcher, the town’s founder and creator, like a god.

There’s a huge electrified fence that goes all the way around the town. Is it keeping something out – or maybe keeping something in? Is Wayward Pines at the mercy of a madman? Special agent Ethan Burke aims to find out. The two previous volumes of the trilogy are Pines (on which the TV series is based), when Burke arrives in the town to track down two missing agents, and Wayward.

Blake Crouch is from North Carolina. He has a number of novels, novellas and short stories to his name, including Snowbound, Abandon, Stirred and Run. He’s also inspired a raft of fan fiction. His double-novels, Killers Uncut and Serial Killers Uncut (with Jack Kilborn and J A Konrath) are still giving people nightmares all over the world.

His short stories have appeared in Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Thriller 2 and other collections.

The Last Town – Blake Crouch

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